Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Ongoing Ows...

My first school was Harlyn and I am always surprised to see that it has hardly changed since I was there! Mr. Baker was the excellent headmaster and Mr. Grieg sticks in my mind as a great teacher: both were early influences. Plus I apologise very belatedly to Miss Garland: all those times my pencil fell on the floor...well, it didn't really fall and my aim was to look up your skirt.

Secondary school was nearby: St. Nicholas Grammar School (now Haydon: A High Performing Specialist School in Languages and Applied Learning) just up the road: both schools were easy walking distance from home, come rain or shine...and cowshit on occasions.

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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Ows origins...

My first post on a new blog, there won't be too much posting yet as this is a work for the future. The HA5 of the blog name - apart from also being 'has' - is the UK postcode where I grew up; in Northwood Hills, near Pinner to be precise but in the Borough of Hillingdon (Pinner is in the Borough of Harrow); on the very, very edge of Greater London.

The origins of Ows: I was born in Wembley (HA9...pure coincidence that Wembley Stadium is HA9 0WS) in what was the hundred of Gore in the historic county of Middlesex [edit: another coincidence when you realise 'Gore' is part of the name of ancestors of mine] Aged one my family moved out to the far leafier Pinner.

The image is the cover of the 1924 edition of 'Metro-land' promoting the rapid suburban development north and west of London; this edition had the extra purpose of promoting The British Empire Exhibition of 1924/25 at Wembley. Click on image for Oliver Green's (Head Curator of London's Transport Museum) introduction.

Update 28th Oct: HERE's a OS map of where I lived. Thinking back I realise my parents made a perfect choice.

Update 19th April 2012!!! Just adding a picture that I have at last scanned, that's me in the middle!

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